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Company Name   S-TOP Co., Ltd.


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  • S-TOP


Website   www.ss-top.net/new/eng/index.htm



  • S-TOP is Korea's leading independent manufacturer of industrial head protection and fall protection equipment.

  • S-TOP exports to over overseas countries including Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and other countries.

  • S-TOP CO. LTD. has acquired CE certification for safety helmet and harness.

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  • S-Top has never failed the test performed by KOSHA (Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency) unawares. The company has been registered with KOSHA as a specialized safety equipment manufacturer as the manufacturing manpower, production facilities, and company quality assurance system were certified, establishing as a reliable company. As a result, to ensure the fundamental safety from the design and manufacturing process, the company acquired S Mark Certification for all products.

  • Having received the Prime Minister's Award of Industrial Accident Prevention Merit, the company started exporting products to Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and other countries. To become a global company, 



  • Safety helmet
     CE(EUROPE) Certified Products
     ANSI(AMERICA) Certified Products
     GOST(RUSSIA) Certified Products
     KCS(KOREA) Certified Products


  • Fall protection
     CE(EUROPE) Certified Products
     KCS(KOREA) Certified Products

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KOTRA Representative 

Mr. Ali 

aharb@kotra.ae/ +971-4-450-4360(Ext. 314)