Company Information

Company Name   NETWORK KOREA Co., Ltd.


Brand Name   AKIGO





  • Smart PDU can be remotely controlled to turn on/off

  • Automatic Standby Power Value Detection, It automatically detects the standby power value of the appliance and cut it off

  • PDU can be scheduled to turn on/off on a specific date and time

  • Automatic power cut-off to prevent over-charging (Battery Protection)

  • 16A(3,500w) Rated Capacity

Product Information

Main Products

  • IoT Smart Outlet

  • IoT Smart Power Strip

  • IoT Smart PDU


Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • Cooperating with KT, SKT, LGU, Korean major communication companies, for communication equipment construction 

  • Registered with Korean public institutions, The Public Procurement Service, the Office of Supply Promoting on G-market, Naver online shopping mall


  • CE

  • KC

  • Certificate of promising export Firm 

  • Certificate of software of quality

  • Certificate of participation in HIT 500

Contact Information

KOTRA Representative 

Mr. Khoder Fayyad +971-4-450-4360(Ext. 116)