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  • 20 years of experience and confidence in the quality of our export and import business

  • PE COSMETIC TUBE WITH BRUSH TYPE - Instead of using commonly-used Laminated Tube, we are using polyethylene (PE) bottle which is suitable for wear applications such as tubes. Also, it's 100% safe to use as the manufacturing facility is in compliance with current GMP standards (cGMP)

  • 24 HOUR LONG LASTING GLUE - Formulated for extra long-lasting holding power and guaranteed to last all day long! You can rest assured that your eyelashes will stay put in perfect shape throughout the day

  • WATERPROOF EYELASH GLUE - Worried about sudden rain or unwanted tears? Don't worry. We already kept that in mind and made sure that water won’t be a problem. This glue will only come off when you want it to!

  • SUPER EASY TO APPLY - All you need to do is to apply glue on the prepared artificial eyelashes and wait for about 20 seconds. It naturally blends in with your eyelashes, leaving absolutely no hint of glue behind!

  • 100% SAFE TO USE & ADVANCED CERAMIDE TECHNOLOGY - 1 NOON’S UP eyelash glue have completed all laboratory safety tests for your assurance. 2 Ceramide helps reinforce skin’s moisture barrier layers and increases hydration for a youthful-looking appearance! Not only does this glue make your eyelashes beautiful, but it also makes sure that it doesn’t age the skin.

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Main Products

  • Eye Lash Glue

  • Eye LAshes

  • Anti Bacterial Coating Spray


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KOTRA Representative 

Ms. Anna Patricia Villegas +971-4-450-4360(Ext. 114)