Company Information

Company Name   K&B JUNWOO Co., Ltd.


Brand Name   K&B JUNWOO


Website   www.kbjunwoo.com/en/



  • K&B Junwoo is the leading company in Artificial grass industry to achieve 100 million sales account in 2018

  • The Best quality product & Reliable Company, the 1st prouduct and only company for artificial turf in South Korea that has been awarded with QUALITY OF MANUFACTURER's ASSURANCE by the Government of South Korea

  • Safest in the world owing to harmless to humans by eliminating nonyphenol & TNPP free. TNPP(Tri nonyl phenyl phospite) is a phospite stabilizer and antioxidant which might cause allergy or seizure

  • K&B Junwoo is using the best yarn materials(LLDPE), free heavy metal, best quality with superior UV protection, and excellent water permiability over 1,000 mm/hr.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Landscaping Artifical Turf

  • Sports Artificial Turf


Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • Kazakstan sports stadium

  • Kazakhstan military headquarters

  • Futsal Stadium in Indonesia

  • Jihong stadium in Qingdao China



  • Certificate of K LEAGUE

  • Certificate of KTA

  • Certificate of KS

  • Certificate of conserving and efficiently using energy and resources

  • Certificate of Q Mark for artificial turf

  • Excellent firm for Green energy selected by South Korea

  • ITF Certification

  • ISO 9001QMS/4001 EMS 

  • Certificate of KISS(Korean Industrial Standard of Sporting Goods)

  • FIFA lab Test report

  • SGS Test Report from 169 harmful substances  

  • G-Pass Certification( Certificate of Designation for an Excellent Company

  • ASTM test report for Flammability of synthetic turf

  • Certificate of the product-specific approved exporter

Contact Information

KOTRA Representative 

Ms. Anna Patricia Villegas

anna@kotra.ae/ +971-4-450-4360(Ext. 114)