Company Information

Company Name   KARZ KOREA INC


Brand Name   KARZ KOREA

Website   www.karz.co.kr



  • KARZ KOREA was incorporated in 2014 for manufacturing and sales of trailer products as its initial strategic business. The company has many top-notched experts in each field, so it has the best technological prowess and marketing competency in the industry. Based on the development of diverse and superb products and continuous services, KARZ KOREA will meet the diversified demands of its customers.

  • The company introduces an unprecedented mileage warranty policy breaking prejudices of existing trailer warranty policies to provide products of the best quality to its customers, which is a part of the management philosophy.

  • Launched a “Foldable Trailer” for the Middle East market.

Product Information

 Main Products

  • Personal Watercraft Trailers

  • Commercial hydraulic boat trailers

  • Roller style & Float-on style trailers


Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • Selected a Russia Moscow Export Developer Partner : KOTRA

  • Selected a Busan Global Future Export Manufacture : SBC

  • Winner of 2015 New Technology Auto Part Competition : KIPA

  • Selected a Brazil Export Marketing Business Expert : SBC

  • Selected a University Industry Cooperation Professor : KODIT

  • Awarded a Export Support Business Project : KITA

Contact Information

KOTRA Representative 

Mr. Ali 

aharb@kotra.ae/ +971-4-450-4360(Ext. 314)