Company Information

Company Name   ECO CLEAR CO., LTD


Brand Name   ECO CLEAR





  • Eco Clear is a specialist supplier of Eco-friendly GRP sectional water tanks and all kinds of accessories

  • Eco Clear is certified with prestigious certification WRAS, PSB, and K-mark which makes them unique in the water tank market.

  • Quality is an important factor when comes to water tank construction and Eco’s strict quality management and environmental protection with advanced machinery made them one of the top suppliers in the water tank business

  • Eco offers the best price in the market with shorter and faster deliveries which make them one of the most sought suppliers in the region

  • They supplied to domestic conglomerates and international clients in the USA, Europe, Middle East & Africa

  • They have more than a decade of expertise in the field

Product Information

Main Products

  • GRP Water Tank Panel

  • Accessories


Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  •  Supplied more than $1m to UAE’s major clients

  • Consistently exporting big amounts of GRP panels every year to UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey

  • Several ongoing inquiries under progress with UAE clients


  • WRAS – Water regulations advisory scheme

  •  K- Mark from KTL Labs

Contact Information

KOTRA Representative 

Mr. Mohammed Ajazzudin +971-4-450-4360(Ext. 155)