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Company Information

Company Name   Jeju Farm

Brand Name  Frunack

Website  www.


  • Jeju Farm 21 was founded in September 2012 with the vision of "to enjoy clean agricultural and livestock products throughout the four seasons" based on the motto of "adding value to clean Jeju's agricultural and fishery products."

  • Our Jeju Farm 21 is a company that manufactures and distributes agricultural and fisheries products from the nature of Jeju in the clean area. Its own brand has fruit+snack, and its characteristics have been greatly improved through our company's independent "far-infrared low-temperature hot wind complex drying process facility." Not only 0% of additives, but also raw materials, are used to preserve the color, taste, and scent of natural fruits, as well as to dry them without loss of nutrients or destruction.

  • Safe food is the demands of the times. As a result, the concept of HACCP certification was reflected in the factory design stage, and as a result, HACCP certification was obtained at the same time as the completion of the factory. I will do my best to make a product that can guarantee safety anywhere in the world.

  • From now on, we will be faithful to providing quality and reliable food to customers who use our company. We will enjoy delicious and healthy agricultural and fisheries foods made in clean Jeju throughout the four seasons. We will always be a Jeju farm 21 that customers can trust.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Dried Fruits

  • Chocolates

  • Citron Tea

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KOTRA Representative 

Mr. Harb

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