Company Information

Company Name   BULLSONE Co., Ltd.


Brand Name   BALANCE-ON


Website   www.balance-on.com



  • Bullsone is one of the leading companies in Korean auto-care product industry with more than $10millions of annual business profits since 2001

  • In 2015 launched into the healthcare industry with its new brand Balance-On based on the development of patented material called Double layers Honeycomb VETAGEL 

  • Double layers Honeycomb VETAGEL is made from a special polymer manufactured by Kraton US

  • Features 99.9% antibacterial, easy to wash, high durability at high temp, air pumping by an independent hexagonal pillar,  excellent elasticity and anti-skin irritation

  • Balance-On, premium posture supporting products all made from the patented material, provides the utmost healthy benefits by absorbing pressure, allowing blood circulation and airflow around the body

Product Information

Main Products

  • Balance-On Pillow

  • Balance-On Air-cell Pillow

  • Balance-On Seat

  • Balance-On Pelvic Seat

  • Balance-On Lumbar Supporter


Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • Awarded winner in reddot Design Award 2016

  • Awarded winner in iF Design Award 2017

  • Achieved 900% funding by the public on Wadiz crowdfunding platform in Korea

  • Awarded grand prize in Korea first world best 2018 hosted by Korea Consumer Association

  • World widely exporting to France, Germany, China, South American countries and U.A.E



  • FDA

  • CE

Contact Information

KOTRA Representative 

Ms. Heewon Rho

hwr.kotra@gmail.com/ +971-4-450-4350(Ext. 114)